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Les animaux de tout le monde



José Evangelista, composer

Jacques Roubaud, text

Les Animaux excerptJosé Evangelista
00:00 / 01:01


  1. Pour commencer

  2. Ce que dit le cochon

  3. Hérisson!

  4. Buse et zébu

  5. La fourmi

This set of charming miniatures (the whole set is only 6 minutes in length!) is written the playful and sometimes absurd words of French poet Jacques Roubaud.  Evangelista’s writing ranges from lush jazz-based harmonies to virtuosic interjections, and uses quick mood and tempo changes to match the rhythm of the text.  Les animaux de tout le monde was commissioned by musica intima in 2002, and is the sequel to the set Les animaux de personne, commissioned by Les Solistes de Lyon.  The pieces were premiered at Radio-Canada’s Festival du Printemps in April of 2003, at the Chan Centre.

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