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The professional vocal ensemble of musica intima is genuinely one-of-a-kind. Specializing in a contemporary repertoire, performances connect audiences with the community and with classical music traditions in friendly and welcoming atmospheres.

Founded in 1992, musica intima has been named among “best in the city” for the last six years in both classical and choral categories in the Georgia Straight, West Ender, and Vancouver Courier newspapers. The organization is also a registered charity, which relies on the generous support of our dedicated audience members and sponsor to create a wide selection of concert programming, educational activities, community programs and special events that reach thousands of people per year.






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"These singers make eye contact with their audience, creating an achingly intimate, holy moment in each performance. Their shows transform the venue into beauty’s own temple. Judge for yourself; this description isn’t hyperbole.”

        John Keillor | Georgia Straight