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Rethink Forever



Peter Hannan, composer



Hannan-Rethink Forever-score.jpeg

Rethink Forever is a piece combining live vocal sound with electronic sound. The electronic sound consists mostly of processed singing and speaking of the members of musica intima.


Anything that resembles choral singing in the electronic part is from a recording that musica intima made of Thomas Tallis’s beautiful short piece ‘If ye love me’ , although mostly so thoroughly processed that even Tallis himself (and his lawyers) probably wouldn’t recognize it.


The text is composed from a very limited vocabulary , that contains the 200 most common words in the English language, some phrases from a website with advice about love and relationships, the text from the Tallis song.


Rethink Forever is a kind of ten commandments of love. The commandments are:


1. love me

2. know need

3. learn hurt

4. get hard

5. get soft

6. see truth

7. study happiness

8. detect passion

9. understand freedom

10. rethink forever




A live performance of Rethink Forever (Peter Hannan) was scheduled for May 29, 2020 as the final concert of musica intima's 19/20 concert season. When a live performance became impossible with the onset of the Covid-19 restrictions, we made the decision to do a virtual version of the piece.


Filmed at our homes throughout the Lower Mainland and Sunshine Coast in May 2020.  Video and Audio by Peter Hannan.

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