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APRIL 20, 2024

ANJA enters stage-left reading an instruction manual. She eyes Calvin and places the manual down on the chair. Cautiously, she approaches it,

watching it warily. Standing in front of it, she raises her hand, like a child apprehensively reaching a hand to a dangerous animal, she extends her hand, placing it on Calvin’s chest. After a few seconds...

            -from HUSK by Joelysa Pankanea & Matthias Falvai

Who is this concert for? 

  • Sci-fi fanatics 

  • Chamber music enthusiasts

  • Lovers of Scandi-noir 


What will I know and what will be new to me?

  • We’ve performed Joelysa Pankanea’s heart-wrenching The First Stage twice, and this concert will feature the world premiere of her new arrangement of The Fifth Stage - together, the pieces are a set of reflections on the death of her parents.  For both, we’ll be joined by Mark Haney on bass, Martin Fisk on marimba, and Mark Takahashi McGregor on alto flute. 

  • Joelysa and her screen writing pal Matthias Falvai are in the process of creating a new immersive and interdisciplinary theatrical work exploring the human relationship with Artificial Intelligence. 

  • This new immersive piece will feature local actors, as well as theatrical lighting and sound design


Why shouldn’t I miss this? 

  • Joelysa’s immensely personal and beautiful works are fulfilling both to sing and to experience - we’re excited to devote a concert to her music, as well as commission her to create a new piece just for us.

  • We want to create a space to ask questions and explore the dichotomy between organic and inorganic life as the line between the two becomes more and more blurred. 

  • We’re also thrilled to be involving a mentorship ensemble from the Vancouver Youth Choir to take part in the genesis and performance of this transcendent new work. 


musica intima exists to create incredible moments—to share the power of music with our audiences, and invite them into our circle of sound. Your financial support of the ensemble’s professional performance, touring, recording, and community outreach initiatives remains invaluable. 

As with most not-for-profit arts organizations, ticket revenue only accounts for a small portion of our total budget. If you have been touched by musica intima’s performances, please consider a tax-deductible gift to the musica intima society. Your continued support of one of Canada’s musical gems is vital, allowing us to continue presenting world-class performances at home and abroad, and supporting generations of professional musicians. 

Thank you!

musica intima is a registered charitable organizaion #872525530RR0001

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