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Butler: Uta's Escape

Recorded March 2017 at Heritage Hall

Commissioned for a concert celebrating women, which took place on International Women’s Day, Butler’s work was created to push the limits of what a ‘female choir’ could sound like. The addition of viola, in Butler’s words, “add[ed] a rich layer as I explored the darker and earthy colours of the female voice.” Collaborating with author Maria Reva, Butler took a story in which a synchronised swimming team throws one of the members, Uta, into the air, and she never returns, and together Reva and Butler distilled the story into a chilling poem.


Melanie Adams
Caitlin Beaupré
Emily Cheung
Katherine Evans
Hilary Ison
Caitlin MacRae
Rebecca Paulding
Lucy Smith


Isabelle Roland, viola


Videographer: Tony Massil

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