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Poulenc: Vinea mea electa

Recorded March 2006 at Vancouver East Cultural Centre

In 2006, musica intima embarked on a challenging task - a program of entirely music by Francis Poulenc. Entitled ‘the monk and the hooligan’, the program juxtaposed Poulenc’s sombre (yet expressive) sacred music, with his more frenetic or playful secular music. Fully staged and directed by Yvan Morissette, the concert represented musica intima’s hunger for pushing the boundaries of choral music. Vinea mea electa, one of four Penetential motets written for lent in 1938-39, shows classic Poulenc expressive and slow-moving harmonies.


Joanna Dundas
Katherine Goheen
Siri Olesen
Bess Durey
Marianne de Kleer
Caitlin MacRae
Carman J. Price
Lane Price
Jonathan Quick
Derrick Christian
Matthew MacTavish
Michael Murray



Lighting and Stage Design: Yvan Morisette

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