where you go

Recorded February 2022 at Christ Church Cathedral

Our first collaboration with the dance arts, 'where you go' features the music of David Lang and Luca Marenzio sung by musica intima, and features choreography by Olivia C. Davies.

View the program here: https://www.musicaintima.org/_files/ugd/5c413d_55ad120e37364730a829b16c081ed20a.pdf


Christina Cichos
Kira Fondse
Lucy Smith
Tabitha Brasso-Ernst
Katherine Evans
Risa Takahashi
Oliver Dalton
Taka Shimojima
Asitha Tennekoon
Stephen Duncan
Jacob Gramit
Steve Maddock


Choreography & Concept: Olivia C. Davies
Dance Artists: Kelly McInnes & Antonio Somera
Lighting Design: Jonathan Kim


Audio: Don Harder
Video Directed by Mike Southworth
Video Filmed by Aaron Nathanson, Scot Proudfoot, Mike Southworth
Video Edited by Mike Southworth and Micaela Peragallo
Produced by Olivia C. Davies, Joanna Dundas, and Jacob Gramit
Subtitles: Lucy Smith