mi after hours: (re)birth

April 28, 8:00pm | Heritage Hall | 3102 Main Street, Vancouver


We acknowledge our past while gazing towards the future, through music driven by ripe imagery of fertility, blossoming, and growth. Featuring Canadian composers Malika Tirolien, Sherryl Sewepagaham, and Jane Berry, alongside a brand new commission by Tawnie Olson, we'll also revist moments from Silver, our 25th anniversary commission by Vancouver composer Kris Fulton, and dazzle you with Lasse Thoresen's virtuosic and rarely performed Solbøn (Sunrise). For the third year running, we'll also be joined by a mentored quartet from the Vancouver Youth Choir.


A novel approach to choral concerts, after hours will take place in less formal venues, offer more casual seating, have shorter sets, and provide the chance to meet with the ensemble or even local composers! You’ll hear the same music, but hopefully experience it in a new way as you get up-close in a more intimate evening with mi.  


*top shelf ticket includes free drink and priority seating

mi after hours: (re)birth

  • Please note that we are paperless so you do not need to bring a printed ticket with you to the performance: your name will be on the door list.