our commissions

since our founding in 1992, musica intima has made it a priority to commission and perform works from Vancouver and Canadian composers.  Championing new Canadian music for vocal ensemble is central to our mandate.  

2020 Gaudí Madrigali Owen Underhill

2019 The River of Hellos and Goodbyes Alfredo Santa Ana

2018  Silver Kristopher Fulton


2017  Uta's Escape  Jennifer Butler


2014  No Need  Michael Oesterle*


2013  Sche'i:l  Edward Henderson


2013  Xá:ls  Imant Raminsh  


2009  A Summer's Singing  Leslie Uyeda

2008  On Monsieur’s Departure  Jeffery Ryan


2005  Rethink Forever  Peter Hannan


2004  Exaudi  Jocelyn Morlock


2003  Les animaux de tout le monde  José Evangelista


2002  Deep in the hearts is where we are one  Keith Hamel

2001  Sérénade  Craig Galbraith   

2000  Venus in the Sky  Jon Siddall

2000  Music, According to Aquinus John Rea

2000  O Fortuna  Jaqueline Leggatt

2000  the city of grenada on the surface of mars  Peter Hannan

*commissioned by the Chan Centre for Performing Arts for musica intima and Nu:BC Collective

†co-commissioned with Vancouver New Music

Recorded live, with Nu:BC Collective (Paolo Bortolussi, Eric Wilson, Corey Hamm, and Francois Houle).

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