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musica intima exists to explore the boundaries of vocal music. From the rich harmonies of contemporary choral writing to the daring sound exploration of new music with ink still wet on the page, from the swing of vocal jazz to the clarity of baroque counterpoint, musica intima handles all vocal music with style and finesse.


From musica intima’s founding in 1992, the core of our artistic output has been ‘traditional’ choral music—but perhaps not performed like you’d expect, and we’ve certainly made our own additions to the canon! From the seminal renaissance polyphony of Palestrina and Tallis to the contemporary American classics by Lauridsen and Whitacre, musica intima’s performance of choral music soothes the soul and warms the heart. For us, choral music is about tension and release. You’ll hear moments of beauty and moments of anguish, each depicted with the colours only the human voice can reveal. 

"musica intima sings, moves and breathes as one astounding, clear and magnificent voice. They truly ignite a transcendent experience taking us all into the wonder and the beauty of the music and the world."  — VANESSA 

To us, traditional doesn’t mean stale. Both in our performance practice and our repertoire selection, we’re constantly seeking new ways of fostering connection through vocal music.  We continue to explore choral music from across the ages and the world, such as the luminary vocal music of Tormis and other Baltic composers or the engaging music of MacMillan, Dove, and the British Isles.  Alongside this, we champion the masterworks of Canadian Composers such as Imant Raminsh and Rupert Lang, and are constantly seeking to give voice to the next generation of Canadian artists.