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Bainton: And I saw a new heaven

Recorded October 2000 at West Vancouver United Church

Edgar Bainton (1880-1956) is today remembered almost exclusively for this beautiful anthem - a setting of Revalation 21. Magnificent depiction of the text through both the writing for voice and organ has ensured this music a place both inside and outside the church. After opening up the vision of ‘a new heaven and a new earth’, we journey through the holy city to hear the ‘great voice out of heaven’ - and the music winds down to a heart-breaking conclusion as the voices sing ‘and God shall wipe away all tears’ - in one of the most exposed tenor lines in the English choral repertoire. Founded by an Anglican organist, musica intima has a long history of works from this canon.


Lauren Bacon
Joanna Dundas
Siri Olesen
Melanie Adams
Marianne de Kleer
Caitlin MacRae
John Arsenault
Jonathan Quick
Sean Veley
Derrick Christian
Steve Maddock
Michael Murray


Bryn Nixon, organ


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