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musica printima

our in-house digital publishing house - bespoke vocal music for the adventurous ensemble


Many years in the dreams of ensemble singers, musica printima was formally established in 2022, as a composer-centric, exclusively digital publisher.  With a small but spectacular catalogue of music commissioned by, written for, or performed by musica intima, the imprint exists to ensure that composers intentions are honoured in the publishing of their works, and that the profits find their way back to the composer, without the publisher interfering.  80% of earnings from musica printima sales go to the composer - without whom, these works would never have come to life. The complete catalog is available in our shop - or explore it below!

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Premiered by musica intima in 2022 and 2023, the scores in this collection are all drawn from Andrew Balfour's groundbreaking NAGAMO project.  Balfour's original compositions and arrangements of English renaissance gems provide music for choirs of all abilities, and IPA transcriptions enable directors to assist their choristers in exploring Cree and Ojibway texts.  Explore this stunning series below! 

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musica intima has been exploring new Canadian music and commissioning new works for thirty years.  In that time, we've developed a new Choral Canon - and we're thrilled that so many composers have agreed to share their music here. Look here for new and innovative scores from friends in Vancouver, BC, and across the country - this music will challenge audience and singers alike, and bring a new depth to your programming!  

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Established in 2014, novum musica is an ever-evolving mentorship scheme for emerging composers. Through a series of workshops and sessions with the ensemble and with mentor composers, new choral music is created and developed - reflecting musica intima’s goals of developing a new canon of contemporary music for vocal ensemble. We hope these pieces are the first of many from these exciting voices!

novum musica runs biennially. The 2024 edition of the program was presented in collaboration with the Canadian Music Centre BC, and sponsored by the Y.P. Heung Foundation, with mentor Leslie Uyeda.


musica intima exists to create incredible moments—to share the power of music with our audiences, and invite them into our circle of sound. Your financial support of the ensemble’s professional performance, touring, recording, and community outreach initiatives remains invaluable. 

As with most not-for-profit arts organizations, ticket revenue only accounts for a small portion of our total budget. If you have been touched by musica intima’s performances, please consider a tax-deductible gift to the musica intima society. Your continued support of one of Canada’s musical gems is vital, allowing us to continue presenting world-class performances at home and abroad, and supporting generations of professional musicians. 

Thank you!

musica intima is a registered charitable organizaion #872525530RR0001

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