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As a society, musica intima is committed to replenishing the local community through education and outreach whether by partnering with kids choirs, mentoring youth composers, or spearheading organizational community choirs.


Singing is an art form that is accessible to nearly everyone. By focusing on community initiatives, we can draw a diverse group of people into the power and pure joy of song, which has documented health and wellbeing benefits for people of all ages.

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Since 2017, our professional singers have been leading a community choir in Vancouver at the BC Cancer Agency (BCAA). Known as Song-cology, the BCAA choir members include clinicians, administrative staff, managers, researchers, and building personnel who meet once a week to fill their spirit with song. This organizational choir is aligned with BC Cancer Agency’s culture program, which aims to build resilience to workplace stressors, and enhance teamwork and relationships across the agency. 


Research from the World Health Organizations shows employees are better equipped to handle stress in any work environment when they feel connected to their culture and to their team, and have improved attendance and satisfaction at work. British data in healthcare also shows that employee engagement is linked to increased patient safety and experience, further benefiting the patients and families of the agency. 


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“Connecting with communities is one of the pillars of our organization, and it’s through community initiatives like these that a diverse group of people are drawn into the power and pure joy of song—there are so many benefits,”

— Caitlin Beaupré, musica intima soprano


musica intima young adult professional development program 2016


“The Whitehorse Community Choir learned
a lot from our workshop with musica intima. Not only did we learn how they structure their group, but they were so positive. They took us from where we were at in learning our songs and moved us to the next place we need to be. There is so much that mi has developed
over the years about this choir format
that we can learn!”

— Barbara  Chamberlain, Director, Whitehorse Community Chamber Choir, Persephone Women’s Choir,
Neptune Men’s Choir

Education is a key piece of musica intima’s mandate. As the musical ensemble tours across Canada and around the world, we offer workshops on singing and collaboration with choirs of all levels. We use a model that allows us to seamlessly integrate with choirs of any size and allows singers to learn the principles of our co-artistic leadership, and experience the joys of communal music-making.

musica intima CoLab-Brochure 2019


musica intima exists to create incredible moments—to share the power of music with our audiences, and invite them into our circle of sound. Your financial support of the ensemble’s professional performance, touring, recording, and community outreach initiatives remains invaluable. 

As with most not-for-profit arts organizations, ticket revenue only accounts for a small portion of our total budget. If you have been touched by musica intima’s performances, please consider a tax-deductible gift to the musica intima society. Your continued support of one of Canada’s musical gems is vital, allowing us to continue presenting world-class performances at home and abroad, and supporting generations of professional musicians. 

Thank you!

musica intima is a registered charitable organizaion #872525530RR0001

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