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Dove: The Three Kings

Recorded December 2019 at Christ Church Cathedral

In his depiction of the Magi and their gifts, Jonathan Dove sets a text by Dorothy L. Sayers - detailing first the Kings and their emotions, and then their gifts. After a solemn, young, first King, the second King, ‘a man in prime, the solemn priest of a solemn time,’ brings his offering - both with lush but reserved music. The third king, ‘very old’ and carrying gold, begins his arrival mysteriously, before Dove brings sparkle to the text ‘many a gaud and a glittering toy’ - before the piece winds down again with ‘gifts for a baby king’.


Caitlin Beaupré
Kira Fondse
Kiyomi Hori
Melanie Adams
Jenny Andersen
Risa Takahashi
Lane Price
Taka Shimojima
Andrew Bortz
Stephen Duncan
Steve Maddock



Audio Engineer: Don Harder Photos: Jan Gates

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