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Goheen: Welch ein Geheimnis!

Recorded December 2020 at Christ Church Cathedral

A setting of a text from Clemens Brentano (1778-1842). Jürgen Moltmann says in ‘In the End - The Beginning’: “If we see the particular birth of the child of promise as mirroring the promise of children in general, we can cry with the Romantic poet Clemens Brentano, ‘What a mystery is a child!’ In his poem, Brentano traces the pattern of this mystery, seeing in it a triple-stranded bond between our relationship to God as His children, the birth of the Redeemer as a child, and the special relationship to all children forged for us through the child Jesus.” musica intima soprano (1996-2009) Kat Goheen, when asked what she hoped the listener would take away from this piece:

“The one thing I hope the audience hears, is the love that the singers have for each other, the hope that’s in the text, that each person that hears this is as precious as the “reason for the season,” is as precious, is tied into that hope and that joy. I would just hope there would be an affect of that love and that nurturing.”


Christina Cichos
Kira Fondse
Lucy Smith
Tabitha Brasso-Ernst
Katherine Evans
Risa Takahashi
Oliver Dalton
Carman J. Price
Taka Shimojima
Andrew Bortz
Jacob Gramit
Steve Maddock



Audio Engineer: Don Harder
Director: Mike Southworth
Camera Operators: Mike Southworth, Brian Cheung, Adam P.W. Smith
Producer, Collide Entertainment: Joanna Dundas
Producer, musica intima: Jacob Gramit
Editing: Mike Southworth, Collide Entertainment

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