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Schneider: Walking by Flashlight

Recorded May 2021 at the Chan Centre

Live performance of Maria Schneider’s Walking by Flashlight from ‘Winter Morning Walks', (on texts by Ted Kooser), as arranged by Réjean Marois.


Kira Fondse
Lucy Smith
Tabitha Brasso-Ernst
Risa Takahashi
Lane Price
Carman J. Price, soloist
Taka Shimojima
Andrew Bortz
Steve Maddock


Miles Black - Piano
Bill Coon - Guitar
Jodi Proznick - Bass
Craig Scott - Drums


Recording Engineer: Sheldon Zeharko
Audio Edited, Mixed and Mastered by Chris Gestrin at Public Alley 421
Audio Produced by Chris Gestrin and Jacob Gramit
Video Directed by Mike Southworth
Cameras: Peter Carlone, Nathan Fletcher, Adam PW Smith, and Mike Southworth
Film Edited by Aaron Grahm, Doug Fury, and Mike Southworth
Video produced by Jacob Gramit and Joanna Dundas.

Special Thanks to the Chan Centre Staff:
Don Robinson, Assistant Head Stage;
Andrew Riter, Head Lighting; Lloyd Balser, Head Audio;
James Perella, Head Recording.
The Front of House, Ticketing, and Production Staff of the
Chan Centre for the Performing Arts are members of CUPE 2950.

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