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Tirolien: Oliassa

Recorded April 2023 at Christ Church Cathedral

“Some emotions are too subtle to be described by words. ‘Oliassa’ is the sound
of a feeling that can be different for everyone. I deliberately chose to sing it in an invented language so each listener could have their own experience and choose their own meaning for the song. For me, the song is a call from the ancestors, as if they wanted to share some serious knowledge with us in a profound way that we can only understand in our hearts.”
(MT, 2015)


Christina Cichos
Lucy Smith
Tabitha Brasso-Ernst
Katherine Evans
Deanna Gestrin
Carman J. Price
Taka Shimojima
Asitha Tennekoon
Steven Bélanger
Jacob Gramit
Steve Maddock



Audio Engineer: Don Harder
Director: Mike Southworth
Producer: Joanna Dundas
Cameras: Mike Southworth, Barry Ambrosio, Brandon Fletcher
Lighting Design: Jason Conroy
Editors: Doug Fury & Mike Southworth

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