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Forgotten Peoples


Forgotten Peoples

SKU: ACD2 2354
  • By turns lyrical and primal, haunting and hypnotic, Estonian composer Veljo Tormis' choral works marry traditional Estonian folk melodies with contemporary but accessible harmonies. The songs on musica intima's "Forgotten Peoples" CD emerge from both Christian traditions and pre-Christian folklore, painting soundscapes of midsummer bonfires (Jaanilaulud), autumn scenes (Sügismaastikud), and northern lights (Virmalised). The rarely-performed Vepsa rajad (Vepsian Paths) revives ancient folk tunes from the nearly-extinct Vepsian heritage. Beneath their apparent simplicity and charm lies a richness and complexity that rewards repeat hearings.

    • Autumn Landscapes
    • St. John's Day Songs
    • Northern Lights
    • Shrovetide Songs
    • Singing Aboard Ship
    • Vepsian Paths 
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