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Into Light


Into Light

SKU: ACD2 2613
  • into light, musica intima's 2010 WCMA-wining CD features wonderful music by Canadian composers; the album is a testament to the wealth of choral music written both here in BC and across the country.  

    This album contains two problematic arrangements of Indigenous melodies - 'Salish Song' and 'Inuit Hunting Song'.  Both written in 1973, they attempt to stay true to turn-of-the-century field recordings, and neither the Salish nor the Inuit were consulted, either in the writing of the pieces, or our recording of them.  This was wrong, and we apologize for our role in the colonial oppresion of Indigneous peoples through choral music.  

    This album is no longer sold by musica intima.  We've stopped performing these and similarly problematic pieces, and we continue to strive to decolonize our choral practice.  ATMA Classique, the label with whom we worked on several studio albums including into light, took the steps to remove the tracks from streaming services, and you can still find the rest of the album across all platforms.  While these are all important steps in the journey, the process of true reconcilliation with the people whose music we've appropriated is ongoing.  

    • Raminsh: Ave Verum Corpus
    • Schafer: Three Hymns
    • Lang: Agneau de Dieu, Earth Teach Me 
    • Vivier: Jesus erbarme dich
    • Morlock: Exaudi
    • Healey, arr: Salish Song, Inuit Hunting Song
    • Sled: Ice
    • Ryan: On Monsieur's Departure
    • Sharman: Love
    • Daunais: Le Pont Mirabeau
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