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Tirolien: Oliassa

Taken from her 2014 album Sur La Voie Ensoleillée, Oliassa is a unique a cappella work for a strong improvising soloist and an enthusiastic vocal ensemble.  Rich chords ring in this thick but approachble piece; Tirolien writes "Some emotions are too subtle to be described by words. ‘Oliassa’ is the sound of a feeling that can be different for everyone. I deliberately chose to sing it in an invented langage so each listener could have their own experience and choose their own meaning for the song. For me, the song is a call from the ancestors, as if they wanted to share some serious knowledge with us in a profound way that we can only understand with our hearts."  Perfect for strong youth or university ensembles! 


80% of profits go directly to the composer.  Please support their work by purchasing as many copies of this work as you intend to print.  

Tirolien: Oliassa

SKU: mp-S006
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