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Uyeda: Small Elegy

Comissioned in 2023, this gorgeous piece sets a text by the late Patrick Lane.  A rewarding sing for both choristers and audiences, the piece explores a range of emotions, while being grounded in the human voice and its expressive possibilities.  Hear a live recording here!  


Uyeda writes: "This great poem means a lot to me. It was written by the late poet, author and friend Patrick Lane, and it speaks acutely to the dire situation we find ourselves in this world today. I have dedicated this new work to the memory of Vancouver, BC composer and friend Jocelyn Morlock, who died recently, leaving so many of us in the music community heartbroken. I do not mean for Small Elegy to be depressing. I hope it can be sung with heart and healing for us all."


80% of profits go directly to the composer.  Please support their work by purchasing as many copies of this work as you intend to print.  

Uyeda: Small Elegy

SKU: mp-S008
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