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Balfour: Awasis

[This work is not currently available for performance - but will be available following the East Coast premiere by Shallaway in Summer 2024].


A joint commission between musica intima, University of Manitoba, Western University, and Shallaway, this hauntingly beautiful SSSAAA work is described by Balfour as a 'sound prayer'.  Balfour writes: Awasis is "dedicated to the memory of the little ones that were taken away from their family, community, and blood, never to return. It's in memory of them being free in the spirit world, being loved, and being protected by our ancestors. Our love will always be with them."


80% of profits go directly to the composer.  Please support their work by purchasing as many copies of this work as you intend to print.  

Balfour: Awasis

SKU: mp-N008
  • Andrew Balfour

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