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Conrad: O Speak

A meditative and contemplative work - but far from static, Mari Alice Conrad's beautiful statement on environmental stewardship explores a range of emotions and colours while remaining manageable for choirs of all levels.  She writes:


In my work I search for meaning and connection in the landscapes around me. I have learned that my own environment, if mindfully explored, can summon deep questions about being human and reveal beauty in the unexpected, everyday moments.


O Speak for SSSAATTBB is a reflective response to how I am processing the world right now. Mother nature is displaying her strength and power through devastating fires, storms, earthquakes, extreme weather conditions and drought.


The text is from the bible, in Job 12:8. However, the verse transcends religion and can be universally interpreted as a meaningful reminder to speak and then listen to the earth. By doing so, the earth can teach us how to be responsible stewards.


80% of profits go directly to the composer.  Please support their work by purchasing as many copies of this work as you intend to print.  

Conrad: O Speak

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