Contemporary vocal ensemble, musica intima, joins with the instrumental clout of the Turning Point Ensemble for its first-ever collaboration CD: Thirst. The ensembles perform dynamic repertoire by two internationally acclaimed composers: Ana Sokolović from Montreal and New York City’s Julia Wolfe.


This album marks a departure from choral music for musica intima, with the ensemble highlighting a contemporary, new music sound. Vocal and instrumental textures, as well as a cello solo, provide a depth of sound that showcases the distinctive approaches of the two composers.


Julia Wolfe’s Thirst is a dramatic and intense meditation on water that utilizes texts from the Old Testament prophet Isaiah, and implements repetition and varied influences to engage listeners, creating a depth of expression that is spellbinding. Ana Sokolović combines the musical traditions of her Serbian heritage with her 25-year experience in Montreal’s rich new music culture, producing a flexible and varied musical language that addresses universal issues and themes.


For digital downloads, visit Redshift Records.



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