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Vollant: Nukum

This gorgeous new work from young composer Alex Vollant is in the Innu language, and beautifully captures a moment in time where a grandchild reflects on the questions they have for their grandmother. A file of Alex speaking the text is included.  Watch a performance of "Nukum" here.


Vollant writes: "The word "Nukum" designates a grandmother in the Innu language. This piece is a dedication to their wisdom, patience, resilience and courage. I offered this piece to musica intima to express my gratitude towards their ongoing work for Truth and Reconciliation. It speaks of the special relationships that we can find in many First Nations families and communities between children and their grandmothers. The elders share to their offspring their knowledge about the land, the language, the culture, and much more, while the young ones drink their words while waiting to access all of their secrets."


80% of profits go directly to the composer.  Please support their work by purchasing as many copies of this work as you intend to print.  

Vollant: Nukum

SKU: mp-S009
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