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Lauridsen: Se per havervi oime

Recorded October 2019 at St Philip's Anglican Church

Morten Lauridsen’s ‘Madrigali’, or ‘Firesongs’ have become a pillar of the choral repertory - Lauridsen’s beautiful and expressive settings of texts from renaissance madrigals. These lush pieces have formed the framework of multiple concerts for musica intima. The final movement, ‘Se per havervi, oime’, sets a heartbreaking text with beautiful and warm harmonic writing - as the singers ask “What shall I do, without you who are my every joy?”.


Caitlin Beaupré
Jane Long
Lucy Smith
Melanie Adams
Hilary Ison
Risa Takahashi
Ian Bannerman
Lane Price
Taka Shimojima
Andrew Bortz
Alvin Carpintero
Jacob Gramit



Videographer: Cameron Anderson

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