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Monteverdi: Beatus Vir

Recorded August 2000 at Christ Church Cathedral

musica intima has a long history with the Pacific Baroque Orchestra - including televised performances of Vivaldi’s Gloria for the CBC! For many years, the two organisations collaborated twice a year - Christmas, and a festive performance as part of MusicFest Vancouver. Monteverdi’s ‘Beatus Vir’ - a perennial favourite for its wonderful word-painting and jaunty refrain - dates from one of those MusicFest performances, under guest director Linda Melsted.


Lauren Bacon
Joanna Dundas
Siri Olesen
Melanie Adams
Marianne de Kleer
Caitlin MacRae
John Bacon
Jonathan Quick
Sean Veley
Derrick Christian
Steve Maddock
Michael Murray


Pacific Baroque Orchestra
Linda Melsted, John Sawyer: violin
Natalie Mackie: violone
Doreen Oke: organ


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