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Sandström: Four Songs of Love

Recorded October 2019 at St Philip's Anglican Church

Swedish composer Sven David Sandström sets 4 sensual texts from the Song of Songs in a dialogue between the upper and lower voices. Each movement, though incredibly brief, manages to perfectly encapsulate a moment in time, be it waking up next to a loved one, or being in the throes of passion. Sandström's well known extended vocal techniques help to create the atmosphere of tension and release throughout this work.


Caitlin Beaupré
Jane Long
Lucy Smith
Melanie Adams
Hilary Ison
Risa Takahashi
Ian Bannerman
Lane Price
Taka Shimojima
Andrew Bortz
Alvin Carpintero
Jacob Gramit



Audio Engineer: Don Harder
Videographer: Cameron Anderson

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