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Shaw: and the swallow

Recorded October 2020 at Mountainview Cemetery

Caroline Shaw's breathtaking setting of Psalm 84 is at the same time contemplative and ecstatic. By using textless passages, Shaw mimics the flight of a bird searching for its home, while simultaneously commenting on the Syrian refugee crisis, which inspired her to write this piece in 2017.


Christina Cichos
Kira Fondse
Lucy Smith
Tabitha Brasso-Ernst
Katherine Evans
Risa Takahashi
Oliver Dalton
Andrew Fitzgerald
Carman J. Price
Andrew Bortz
Jacob Gramit
Steve Maddock



Audio Engineer: Don Harder
Audio Producer: Liz Hamel
Director: Mike Southworth
Camera Operators: Mike Southworth, Adam P.W. Smith
Editor: Mike Southworth, Mike Young

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