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Tormis: Jaanilalud - VII. Jaanilaul

Recorded October 2006 at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre

These three miniatures come from Jaanilaulud, or St. John’s Day Songs. While theoretically a holiday celebrating the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, the holiday a few days after the summer solstice was celebrated long before Estonia was Christianised - and gained special significance in 1919, as the date was when the Estonian Forces expelled the German troops. The music celebrating this day, then, has themes of independence and freedom, as well as elements featuring bonfires, drinking, and dancing. “Jaanilaul”, the close of the cycle, calls the listener to “go out and look at John” - and if he has bushy hair, then the crops will be good that year.


Joanna Dundas
Katherine Goheen
Siri Olesen
Melanie Adams
Marianne de Kleer
Caitlin MacRae
Carman J. Price
Lane Price
Jonathan Quick
Peter Alexander
Michael Mori
Michael Murray



Lighting and Stage Design: Yvan Morisette

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