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Trad., Hillhouse, arr.: Bodach Beag a loinean

Recorded May 2001 at West Vancouver United Church

The ensemble has always looked to the personal connections of each of the 12 singers to form the complex fabric that is musica intima. One such connection came from baritone Andy Hillhouse - a folk musician who was a member of the award-winning Mad Pudding while he sang with musica intima. In 2001 the two ensembles intersected at ‘Folk Elements’ - a show featuring arrangements by both members of Mad Pudding and musica intima - including this rollicking piece by Andy - which sets a nonsense text about a barking dog!


Lauren Bacon
Joanna Dundas
Siri Olesen
Melanie Adams
Liz Hamel
Caitlin MacRae
Lane Price
Jonathan Quick
Sean Veley
Derrick Christian
Steve Maddock
Michael Murray


Mad Pudding
Sal Ferreras, percussion


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